Distributed Systems Programming: Seminar/Lab/Project

Distributed Systems Programming: Seminar/Lab/Project is a course for computer science students with an interest in distributed systems.


TuCan-IDs: 20-00-1066-se / 20-00-0985-pr / 20-00-0984-pp
Credits: 3 / 6 / 9
Kickoff meeting: 16.04.2019 - 11:00 AM in S2 02 | A313
Registration: TBD
Midterm workshop: TBD
Submission: TBD
Final workshop: TBD

This course is offered as three modules in TuCan:

  • “Distributed Systems Programming: Seminar” 20-00-1066-se 3CP
  • “Distributed Systems Programming: Praktikum” 20-00-0985 6CP
  • “Distributed Systems Programming: Projektpraktikum” 20-00-0984 9CP

Course description:

The course focuses on research topics in distributed systems (DS) and programming languages for DS. The offered topics depend on the current research of the DSP group including:

  • Software-defined networking (SDN)
  • Network function virtualization (NFV) and in-network processing (INP)
  • Traffic engineering (TE)
  • Network monitoring
  • Resource management in datacenters (RMF)
  • Big data analytics (Spark, YARN, OpenStack, ..)
  • Event-based systems
  • Security in SDN, INP, and big data
  • Geo-distributed data processing
  • Compiler infrastructures for DS
  • Language abstractions for DS
  • Session types / calculi for DS
  • Network Protocols

In this project the students will realize their own/a group research project defined together with their adviser.